Abstract Submission Guidelines and Formats 

We welcome all abstracts related to innovative strategies and concepts for PhD education in biomedicine and health sciences, including – but not restricted to – interdisciplinary/cross-sectoral research, novel assessment approaches, impact of AI on Doctoral training & research, citizen science…

Submitted abstract may include:

  • Original Research (Max. total 300 words)

Abstract should include following topics:

  • Background: Please state the background and rationale for your study, and the core aim(s)
  • Method: Describe the study design, materials, methods (including data collection and analysis methods, measurements, etc.)
  • Results: Describe the main quantitative or/and qualitative results/findings. For quantitative results report significance levels and confidence intervals when relevant.
  • Conclusions: State your conclusion(s), which must be directly supported by the original study data and results/findings.
  • Lessons from the field and practice (Max. total 300 words) 

Abstract should include following topics:

  • Background: Please state the problem addressed by your intervention (e.g. policy implementation, changes in regulations and practices (within or among institutions) or backgrounds leading to implementation of the reported practice. Explain the rationale/importance of your intervention or decision to implement specific practice(s).
  • Approach: Please describe your intervention and your methods/approach to evaluate the intervention’s results or practice outcomes.
  • Results (effects/changes): Present the results (effects/changes) of the intervention or implemented practice including key effectiveness indicators.
  • Lessons learned: Please state 2-3 main key lessons learned from your study. Please state only those directly supported by your original data and findings/results. 

Please submit your abstract using abstract submission form, with following rules and formats:

For abstract submission follow the link: https://registration.orpheus2024.ge/abstract-submit

Title of the abstract in Times New Roman, Font size: 14, Bold, centered paragraph

Author names Times New Roman, Font size: 12, Regular, centered paragraph

A.B Last Name; C.D Last Name*

*Corresponding author

Name of the Institution (Times New Roman, Font size: 12, Regular, centered paragraph)

E-mail of corresponding author (Times New Roman, Font size: 12, Regular, centered paragraph)

The main text, Times New Roman, Font size: 12, Regular. Paragraphs are justified (straight-edged) on both left and right. The limit of your abstract is ONE PAGE only. Abstracts that do not meet these formatting requirements will be returned. The Scientific Committee reserves the right to edit abstract for correct formatting. 

Figures/Schemes: are not allowed in abstract

NOTE: First author should be the presenting author